Rental FAQ's

Q. Do i pay for every day over the weekend?

Answer: No. We are closed Sundays and do not charge for a day we are closed. Generally, Friday to Monday is classed as a 1-day hire unless the item is in high demand in which case Saturday to Monday is the 1-day hire. Discuss your needs with your local store.

Q. How far in advance do i need to book.

Answer: We advise booking as early as possible to ensure we can supply your needs.

Q. When do i need to pay for my booking?

Answer:  To secure your booking a deposit is usually required as soon as possible with full payment required prior to delivery or at time of collecting.

Q. What happens to my booking if i have made a deposit and wish to change my order?

Answer: Changes can be made after a booking is placed as long as there is stock available and reasonable notice is given. We will always endeavor to meet the needs of our customers where possible. Your deposit remains assigned to your booking.

Q. Are you open on Sunday to return the hired items?

Answer: Unfortunately not. Gear hired over the weekend will be due for return on the following Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday). If you have any issues with this please discuss it with the store prior to commencing hire